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Increase your profit three-fold with WePush.

WePush is the easiest, most immediate way to build a brand, increase consumer stickiness, and yes, increase your profits three-fold and more.

What is WePush?

Every visitor to your site is valuable. They are potential spenders who actually clicked in to see what you have to offer. In the time they clicked in, sometimes they pay, sometimes they don't. Most of the time, that's the only time they visit your site.

According to our research, every visitor who clicks on an affiliate link, makes an average of 3.4 conversions every month, and the maximum number of conversions you can get per visitor at the moment, is 0 if they don't do anything, and 1 if they convert. That's minimally 2.4 conversions missed per visitor.

WePush Calculator

Just select the estimated number of unique visitors to your site every month, and have a guide of the expected revenue for the next 6 months
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*Profits generated are subjected to rev-share conditions

With WePush, we allow every customer who visits your site to subscribe to notifications from your site, and thereby maximising your chances of scoring a conversion from this visitor.

The psychology behind opting in

It has been tested and proven that opt-in requests not only encourage click through-rates, but also better acquire, engage, and retain an audience.

Since the user is interested enough to have opted in for the notifications, you can be sure that the user can be considered a high quality prospect.

Access to "Live" Revenue Updates 24/7

With our dedicated revenue tracking system, you'll be able to see the unique clicks, number of conversions and revenue generated, sorted daily.

You are empowered to access your revenue earned anytime, anywhere, because we know it feels good to see the cash rollin' in.

Installing WePush on your website

1. Add WePush Code to your Website (will be provided to you)

Paste a reference to the provided script in your HTML code, either inside the <head> tag, or at the end of the <body> tag.

2. Download Browser Support Scripts

Download the "wepush-browser.zip" folder and extract the content (manifest.json) and (service-worker.js) to the root directory of your website.

3. Include Manifest File

Copy and paste the manifest.json link in the <head> tag of your HTML. Then, add routes for your new support files (for example: /manifest.json).

4. Check your Website for the push notification prompt

If everything is done correctly, you should be prompted for permission to display notifications!


We ran a Pre Launch Trial with selected partners, and this is what they told us:

We were doing good with Wewe Media all this while. I cannot imagine how it just got even better with WePush. You guys always manage to surprise us pleasantly.

We are seeing a steady increase in profits month-on-month and we are absolutely delighted with the progress

Our overall EPV just grew 15% and the numbers are increasing every week! We should have done this much earlier.