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Web Push Notifications


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What are 
Web Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are a low cost and effective re-marketing tool that allows advertisers like you to easily re-engage with your users, through personalised messages sent directly to the users' phones or PC. Web push notifications as an additional revenue source have become a must-have for performance marketeers allowing for a higher return on advertising spend and increased life time value of subscribers/users.

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Benefits of Web Pushes

High Subscription Rate

Visitors will see a subscription request as soon as they get on your site.

No effect on existing Click Through Rate

Statistically proven to not affect the current conversion rate of the site.

Daily Notifications

Subscribers get daily notifications sent to them, to keep them interested in our content.

Incremental Earnings

The more subscribers you have, the more revenue you can look to get monthly!

Custom Flows

Newly opted in users immediately enter into a custom flow that is optimized round the clock.


WePush send out content and adjusts timing of web pushes to optimize earnings, reduce un-subscription rate and improve relevancy.

With WePush, we allow every customer who visits your site to subscribe to notifications from your site, and thereby maximising your chances of scoring multiple conversions from this visitor.

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EstimateYour Earnings.

Just select the estimated number of unique visitors to your site every month, and have a guide of the expected revenue for the next 6 months






Month Revenue

Setup is Easy!

1. Download the "" folder and extract the content (manifest.json) and (service-worker.js) to the root directory of your website. 

2. Paste a reference to the provided script in your HTML code, either inside the <head> tag, or at the end of the <body> tag.

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