Founded in 2013, Wewe Media Group is the leading performance marketing network you can count on. Always. Headquartered in Singapore, we have offices in 6 countries across 3 continents around the globe.

The group has now expanded to a fast-growing performance network handled by a talented multicultural team of #WeweExperts across the globe, however our motivation remains unchanged. 

The goals of our affiliates and advertisers are at the heart of our digital strategy where #Wewe deliver quality that impress, nothing less.



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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Wewe Media Rewards Program


Wewe Miles reward you with a memorable holiday experience across the globe. From an exotic stay in a fancy villa amidst the lush tropics to lounging by a private infinity pool facing the pristine blue waves, your dream holiday is yours to craft when you earn it. When you join Wewe Media, you feel the difference and we mean it.


When you sign up to our network, you are automatically enrolled into the rewards program.
Once you've earned enough to hit a certain tier, you will receive an email reminder from us to redeem your rewards.


Every USD$1 Revenue = 1 Wewe Mile. With Wewe Miles, you can redeem a range of holiday experiences across the world.
The program offers 4 tier levels. Each level is reached after accumulating a certain amount of Wewe Miles based on your profit.


Simply click on the "Redeem Rewards" button to send a request to us via email. The Wewe Media Team will follow up with you on claiming your rewards! Easy as that. Once rewards has been redeemed, your miles will be deducted accordingly.

30 000 Wewe Miles

Unlock the Silver Tier and be rewarded with a perfect holiday experience worth USD 300.

From soaking in the magnificent mountain view at a tropical forest retreat in Malaysia, to enjoying a tranquil slice of paradise at Millbrook Queenstown, down to finding your state of zen at a chic Japanese Ryokan in Kyoto, the possibilities are endless.

50 000 Wewe Miles

Upgrade your holiday experience to a brand new level worth USD 750 once you hit the Gold Tier. 

Your choice of luxury is far and beyond. Some ideas to indulge in include basking in the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, soaking in the world famous onsen hot pool for the ultimate relaxation therapy at Arthur’s Point, Queenstown, New Zealand or relaxing amidst the pristine mountain view in the Swiss Alps.

100 000 Wewe Miles

Reaching the Platinum Tier is no easy feat, and we’re determined to pamper you with luxury of a whole new definition worth 2000 USD.

Fancy experiences such as lounging at your own private villa deep within the Bali jungles, soaking in the astounding Santorini panoramic view from a luxury boutique hotel,  or enjoying a private island retreat off the Dubai coast – these luxuries become a possibility within your reach as our Platinum Member.

200 000 Wewe Miles

Hit the VIP Tier and be treated like one. Receive the red carpet treatment as you embark on your dream holiday with the most exotic experience worth USD 5000.

Perhaps it’s admiring the Aurora Lights from the comfort of your bed in Finland, embracing what the wild west has to offer in Utah, or finding bliss at your luxury island villa among the waves, we promise you an unforgettable adventure of a lifetime.

Wewe Loyalty Program will be paused from 01 June 2022 – 31 August 2022. Points accumlated during this period (WeRace To Formula 1) cannot be redeemed.

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affiliate network

A decade in the Affiliate Marketing industry is equivalent to a century in the offline world. We have seen many companies come and go over the years, it is a very competitive landscape that is constantly changing and forces business to “sink or swim”. 

There is a reason why after 10 years in the industry, Wewe Media is still standing with numerous awards under its belt, and the answer is simple : its our unique approach to our client’s needs.We Listen, We Analyze, We Strategize, We Execute. Affiliates and Advertisers love to work with us because of our unique and exclusive opportunities that separate us from the rest. 

Our team is built of experts in the Credit Card Sweepstakes, Casino, Nutra, Insurance and CPI verticals. We are able to be bridge the gap between top quality traffic sources and product owners, and create a sustainable business environment built to scale.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Being a team of holistic Digital Marketing specialists with a combined 30 years experience of performance excellence, we scour the world for the best advertising spaces and avenues, from public content websites, social media, apps to personalized messaging platforms and sources, so that we can bring the best matched parties together.
For the general consumer, we bring the best and most suitable solutions, served to you directly to meet your immediate and personal needs, so you can save time and effort in looking for the product you want.
For the product owners, we analyse your product, identify the correct clients, and laser target them, so you can save precious advertising dollars and achieve the most value out of your buck.
Our goal is to provide the ideal environment for both the consumer and the advertisers to achieve their goals in the shortest time possible with the least effort.


In today’s business landscape it has become a necessity to have an online presence. It is vital for a brand’s success to have ads tailored that bring awareness, generate curiosity, and most importantly to convert window shoppers into paying customers.

WeCommerce performance agency will handle everything from A-Z, starting with content creation, to marketing strategy and finally to launching campaigns that are focus on the one thing that matters: GROWTH. 

We are experts at what we do and have a track record to back it up. We help brand and product owners scale their business online. Period.

Wewe institution

Started in 2019, we hold open workshops, webinars, tutorials and provide extensive resources to help affiliates of all levels progress in their affiliate marketing journey. 

We recognise that a successful campaign requires all facets of the marketing chain to work in tandem, from tools, manpower, workflow, traffic sources, and offers. 

Having been in the industry for over 10 years dealing with different aspects of the business, we are well-positioned and experienced to impart/share valuable knowledge, so you can cut out a lot of unnecessary paths/time and work on what is truly most important – YOUR BOTTOMLINE.

Wewe Rewards
Terms and conditions

  1. Once reward has been redeemed, Wewe Miles will be deducted accordingly. 
  2. All hotel stays are 2D1N unless otherwise stated. Reward recipients may choose to use their Wewe Miles to redeem a longer stay if they have enough to do so. 
  3. Hotel rewards displayed on the web page are for recommendation purposes. Actual reward redeemed depends on availability of hotel rooms at the time of booking. 
  4. Affiliates may request to redeem cash to book their own holiday experience
  5. For affiliates to redeem rewards, they can either a) contact their AM or b) fill up the Redeem Rewards form on the website. 
  6. Wewe Miles Points System will only include all earnings from 2020 and beyond.